The OTIS web workshops are specially tailored workshops that explore a student’s interest in web design, from beginners to intermediate, and advanced. 


Otis requires that you complete three learning labs before graduation. That’s three labs over the course of your entire time at Otis, not during one semester.

Both the Learning Lab and Printmaking Lab host workshops throughout the semester. The schedule for these workshops is on-line and sign-up sheets are posted on the door of the Learning Lab and Printmaking Lab.

A workshop does not take the place of your two mandatory one-on-one facutly meetings.

If you are taking a workshop on the same day as your Practicum class you do not need to come to Practicum for attendance at the start of class; just go to your workshop. However, if you don’t show up for your workshop you will be marked absent in Practicum.

At the end of the semester you will post proof of your workshop attendance on your Ospace and give your workshop sheet to your Practicum faculty. We will check this attendance against your Practicum attendance and credit you for being present in Practicum on the days you were in a workshop.

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